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Productivity Software

Anyone who has run a business or worked in an office knows that one of the biggest time consumers of the day is paperwork and filing.  Finding names, phone numbers, and orders amongst the piles of papers on your desk is a job unto itself. How much usable space of your office is taken up with years of old papers in file cabinets? Every time you fill up one cabinet, you have to get another one. Or have stacks of file boxes. Increase your company’s productivity by making your filing system paperless.

With the Real Time Manager Productivity software you can move your employee and customer files online, thus eliminating the need to store numerous files and papers for each employee and client. Orders and invoices will also be entered and stored in the online management system. If you need to look up a past work order, you can look up that company and see all of the service calls your company has performed for them. No need to dig through files and hoping the last person who used the file put it back in the right spot.

Service calls will also be handled through the Real Time Manager system. Calls will be entered into the system and have the ability to be assigned to technicians. Google maps has been integrated into Real Time Manager, so that technicians with GPS enabled phones can be tracked in the system and assigned service calls nearby their geographical position.

A clean work environment is a more productive work area. Going paperless will remove a good deal of the clutter and let employees get more done. Having information at your fingertips will save time over looking through piles of paper and files. Customer satisfaction will also increase and your technicians will now be more time efficient in arriving to service calls.


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